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About Forum Aluminium

Key Data in brief

Conference on Innovations, Sustainability & Energy Management


  • 14 Sessions covering Industry and Research
  • Culinary & Social Events
    • Typical Lower Austrian Dinner
    • Reception @ St. Pölten’s Town Hall
    • Wine and Perry Tasting
    • Gala Dinner
  • Factory Tours
    • Casting, Extrusion, Cold Forging, Processing

Date: July 4-6, 2023

Location: Glanzstoff Areal, St. Pölten, Austria

What is Forum Aluminium?

Forum Aluminium is a conference that revolves around the newest developments and research of the aluminium world. In the course of a three-day program various international speakers will present their innovations and give insights to current market situations. The conference covers a wide range of technical aspects (Casting, Deformation, Alloy Development, Heat Treatment, Corrosion Stability, Tooling & Additive Manufacturing, Simulation) and market/industry aspects (Energy Management, Security of Supply, Sustainability: Recycling, Carbon Footprint, Future of Mobility and Lightweight Design).

As much as we value aluminium it is not the sole purpose of the event. In addition to the scientific developments we will also introduce our guests to the culinary highlights of the region. The side program includes, among other events, a Gala Dinner, a visit to a traditional Austrian tavern “Heuriger” amidst beautiful vineyards and a wine and perry tasting.

This is an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from the Aluminium industry and academia from all over the world and get the latest updates on key issues in the industry.

Typical wine tavern in the Wachau Valley
Typical wine tavern in the Wachau Valley

What is the aim of this conference?

Throughout numerous scientific presentations all aspects of the aluminium processes will be evaluated. Ideas and recommendations will be exchanged with colleagues from around the world, contributing to the growth of the aluminium industry and the improvement of technologies. Customers and suppliers can enhance their businesses and form an innovative “aluminium community”.

“Aluminium – this valuable metal possesses the whiteness of silver, the indestructibility of gold, the tenacity of iron, the fusibility of copper, the lightness of glass. It is easily wrought, is very widely distributed, forming the base of most of the rocks, is three times lighter than iron, and seems to have been created for the express purpose of furnishing us with the material for our projectile.“ -- From the Earth to the Moon (1865) – Jules Verne